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With the Husqvarna TE, fuel Injected two-strokes have been around long enough to enter a second generation. This bike looks completely different from the version.

Most of that comes from a redesigned frame and new bodywork. Forthe off-road and dual-sport bikes in the Husqvarna line got the same updates that the motocross bikes got last year. The engine and suspension have fewer changes. Obviously, the transfer port fuel injection system is undergoing rapid development, but most of that is on the software side. The only changes you can see in the motor department are a new pipe and a missing kickstart lever. As ofbig bikes in the Husqvarna line have either electric start or kickstarters.

The only bike that has both is the TE The pipe gets an interesting look from a series of ribs and an oval shape. They should provide a little more strength. As a side note, TPI bikes require completely different exhaust pipe specifications. On the official Dirt Bike scale, the TEi weighs pounds without fuel.

There was only an occasional hitch when the motor was under a sudden load, and an overly smooth power delivery that was often interpreted as a lack of punch. In outright acceleration, there was no difference. There was, however, a difference in fuel range 10 to 20 percent better for TPI. The model has no trace of the hesitation that we complained about on the first model.

If you like the kick, you can always tune some in with the powervalve adjuster. We have found generally is best at about a half turn in from flush, but we know some riders like it absolutely flush with the case. There are also different color springs that you can play with. Or not. We got former national motocrosser-turned-pro-trail-rider Eric Mckenna out on the i last week and it was fun to see the reaction of a rider who had never ridden a fuel-injected two-strokes.

He loved it. In tight, technical terrain, the fear of stalling the bike absolutely goes away. He did say that we would have to stiffen the suspension if we ever took him into faster stuff where he might actually shift to third gear.

It comes out a couple of times a month and features Husqvarna history. The company is the oldest continuously-operated motorcycle maker in the world, beating out Harley-Davidson by a few months. With the decade of the s ending in just a few days, we figured it was a good time to pay tribute to the bikes that really stood out.

Almost all of the bikes would be models. Contrary to what some grumpy old men say, bikes really are getting better all the time. These are bikes that were important steps along the way. Click on the image to check it out.

Sometimes, you should keep your mouth shut. Mark Dooley told me to come get this bike because I had expressed interest in it years ago.Remember Me? Home FRiders. Welcome to HuskyTalk. Welcome to the new and improved HuskyTalk site.

We are working hard at making this site the one and only resource for all things Husqvarna. Please check back every few days to see new features and content.

If you have any suggestions please drop us a line. Customized Motorcycle Insurance. This road test was performed by the U. In the touring, off-road, and sport segments, I am not sure that we will see them. Triumph manufacturing news Feb 25, - AM - by Richard Triumph is moving all of its mass-produced motorcycle production off-shore to other countries, such as Thailand and India, while keeping their design and research center and one specialty products manufacturing factory in the UK at least that is the way that I interpret this article.

Perhaps a result of Brexit? Not only does this new model, to be formally introduced on February 24, look like the BMW FGT, but it also has a belt final drive and an upright seating position. Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page:. Dew from the hills of Guidoveloce Decoctus. Corona virus Roadpizza. Home alone: What do you The Stuff People Say Roadpizza.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Forum The Big Bikes - Everything you ever wanted to know about them.

Advice on what to buy: TXi vs TEi. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Advice on what to buy: TXi vs TEi Hi all, the time is drawing near when I start looking at buying a new bike.

I currently have a TX that is very set up. By far the best bike I have ever owned. I rode with the Aer's for 1. I switched to Dal Soggio spheres that protune set up for me and was in love. It has always seemed more stable and planted. The bikes geometry felt identical to my TX's and I felt instantly comfortable. Dal Soggio's were better in the high speed stuff but I never really got to test it out too well on the bike.

Anyone that used to have a preference for the TX switch over to the TE? Have the AER's improved as much as the Xplor? I have seen very positive reviews from several folks regarding the much improved rear suspension on the non-linkage bikes. Computer, lights, lower first and 2nd. Xplor is better for the slow stuff than AER. Originally Posted by SkiDaddy7. Re: Advice on what to buy: TXi vs TEi I have not and don't want to clutter your thread, but seems like you have already answered your own question on which bike to go with.

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Originally Posted by Diamonds. I have not and don't want to clutter your thread, but seems like you have already answered your own question on which bike to go with. Re: Advice on what to buy: TXi vs TEi I rode both bikes yesterday back to back on the same test loop at wildwood and i preferred the te.The TE i and TE i incorporate the perfect balance between usable 2-stroke power and nimble light-weight handling and feature revolutionary 2-stroke electronic fuel injection. This new-age technology redefines 2-stroke competition motorcycles cementing their position in the enduro segment for the foreseeable future.

Both the TE i and TE i add convenience and simplicity, doing away with premixed fuel and jetting changes of the past.

It delivers efficiency and low emissions while retaining the simple character and inexpensive ownership of a 2-stroke. The cc and cc 2-stroke engines have long been the best combination of unsurpassed power and light-weight construction. The simplicity and low maintenance cost of the 2-stroke motor has made it a favourite amongst enduro riders for generations.

Both the TE i and TE i feature a pioneering electronic fuel injection system. This comprises of a set of fuel injectors positioned at the transfer ports, which deliver the ideal amount of fuel to the engine in all conditions.

This not only reduces fuel consumption and emissions but also provides a clean and smooth power delivery giving the loved 2-stroke the edge.

husqvarna te300i forum

Additionally, the cc and cc engines have an advanced construction featuring shaft arrangements precisely positioned for greater mass centralisation, a counter balancer shaft to reduce vibration, a twin valve controlled power valve and 6-speed enduro gearbox.

The For MY20, the exhaust port timing is improved by fully machining the exhaust port window, and with the combination of an optimised power valve drive and adjuster improve the function and overall performance of the power valve. Additionally, the cylinder features two inlet positions located on the transfer ports at the rear of the cylinder, where a pair of fuel injectors are mounted.

The injectors deliver the fuel downwards into the transfer port, which guarantees excellent atomisation with the air travelling upward to the combustion chamber. This ensures a more efficient combustion resulting in reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The light-weight piston is perfectly matched to the cylinder and transmits minimal oscillating mass ensuring high levels of reliability and performance. As a result, the light-weight, die-cast engine casings are developed to accommodate the shaft arrangements in the ideal position, centralising oscillating mass and improving ride-ability Also, the counter balancer shaft is integrated in a very compact manner having little effect on the overall design.

Additionally, for MY20, a new water pump casing improves cooling by optimising the flow of coolant. The engine houses a laterally mounted counter balancer shaft. The balancer significantly reduces vibration resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride. The crankshaft features a 72mm stroke and is balanced in conjunction with the counter balancer shaft for minimum vibration. By incorporating a heavier ignition rotor, the crankshaft produces more inertia than its motocross counterpart, which improves control in the lower RPM range.

Gearbox A 6-speed PANKL gearbox features enduro specific ratios while an innovative shift lever reduces dirt build up guaranteeing easy operation in all conditions. What this means is the clutch uses a single diaphragm spring instead of the more common coil spring design resulting in a much lighter clutch action. This design also incorporates a damping system, which increases both traction and durability.

The new model features a new, lighter basked and reworked inner hub, which guarantees better oil supply and cooling to the clutch.Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by LewilewiDec 16, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing.

Te 300 i......common faults thread

Te i LewilewiDec 16, Joined: Oct 22, Oddometer: 2, Location: Europe. I've just brought a te i, I'd love to hear of common faults to be aware of. Are the electric starters reliable, Has any one got a link to a English service manual. CarteraDec 16, Danser likes this. ADV Sponsors. Joined: Aug 21, Oddometer: Lewilewi and Danser like this. DanserDec 17, Mikemm likes this. LewilewiDec 17, LewilewiDec 20, Well I picked it up, lovely road legal bike, with a rock hard seat, the horn packed up immediatly, I'm not going miles back to the dealer tho.

husqvarna te300i forum

I agree with danser. I don't think there are really many problem areas specific to the TPI bikes. I think a lot of the failures you read about are user induced from people trying to out-smart KTM.

Don't go adding oil to the fuel or experiment with different spark plugs, use the recommended oil, and change the oil pump when it tells you to.

Husqvarna TE300i Review – The new benchmark for enduro ?

I will say the TPIs are going to be less forgiving to people who like to tinker with tuning. Personally I wouldn't swap the pipe, or bump the compression without a custom tune.

husqvarna te300i forum

They run pretty lean already. But I don't see why you would need to Unless you're at high elevation and miss the grunt. It runs flawlessly.For years, many people thought the end of two-stroke dirtbikes was near, and that nobody would ever bother developing EFI for smokers.

The TXi is designed for closed-course enduro racing. So what are the stats? Bore is 72 mm, and stroke is 72 mm.

Quick Lap on the 2020 Husqvarna TE300i!

The bike ships with multiple engine maps, able to be switched out to suit specific riding conditions. Skip to content. The TXi is Husqvarna's first fuel-injected two-stroke race bike.

husqvarna te300i forum

Comment 2. Front forks are adjustable with air preload, and clickers handle compression and rebound adjustments.

ProTaper provided the handlebars. Brakes are by Brembo, with mm front disc and mm rear disc. The frame is chrome-moly steel, with composite carbon-fibre subframe. Hubs are CNC-machined, sourced from D. All very cool! Subscribe to Our Newsletter Your email Thank you for subscribing! This email is already subscribed. There has been an error.

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See more News articles. Most Popular clothing Heading for Europe?From s to s KTMs were the bike of choice. Fuel injection has bought a new era to off-road strokers and at the top of the pile is the all-new Husqvarna TEi. To say that Husqvarna are on the way back to the top in off-road motorcycling would be a massive understatment.

In AMA Supercross they already have one title in the bag thanks to Zach Osborne and if the season pans out as it has been, Jason Anderson looks likely to bring them the coveted premier class title.

In commercial terms, the fact that Husqvarnas are constantly increasing their market share compared to sister brand KTM is far from accidental. KTM have simply restricted the availability of the orange bikes and as the two brands are are very, very similar and Huskies are the new and exciting bike to own, buyers have willingly jumped ship and gone white.

As is the way with KTMs, Husqvarna continue to ignore the Japanese obsession with aluminium frames, keeping with a Chromoly steel spine frame which now is hydro-formed, laser cut and welded together by a team of Austrian robots. The front suspension uses the WP Xplor 48 open cartridge forks with springs in both sides but the compression and rebound damping spilt between the two legs and delivers mm of travel.

The travel is mm. The main change was the Rekluse automatic clutch which had been an addition to the previous and clearly one that works well for the owner. Underneath the bike, a substantial hard plastic AXP bash guard h ad been added, the protection extending right back to protect the vulnerable linkage, something the PDS system never needed ….

The fact that a solid seat is softer than the stock version says a lot, but the Acerbis unit manages that with looking great too. OK so a proportion of these bikes will be bought by full-on racers, taking on everything from club enduros to international hard enduro.

And no doubt the bike will excel in a competition environment. But a massive proportion of the Husqvarnas leaving the showrooms across the world will go to recreational riders, from trail riders in the UK to dual sport enthusiasts in California or weekend warriors in Western Austraila.

And so on to the bike — slinging a leg over onto the seat the immediate impression is just how light and slim the Husqvarna is. Thumbing the electric start, the motor spins into life instantly with that wonderfully familar two-stroke crackle. The counterbalance shaft makes the motor buttery smooth, and twinned with the fuel injection only word for the motor is crisp — unbeleivably and beatifully crisp.

Opening up the throttle and getting underway, the smooth feeling continues and makes for such enjoyable riding. The throttle response is great from trickling over the more technical stuff, to opening the taps and letting that big two-stoke motor breathe fully.

That lightness in the engine and frame is immediately evident in the way the bike handles. But if you are not in the powerband, the motor has huge torque and will pull like a Massey Ferguson even at really low revs — the flexibility in the power delivery makes it feel unstoppable. At the rear, the linkage suspension works well, but if anyone other than a top flight enduro rider tells you they can really notice any difference to a PDS system take it with a pinch of salt — KTM dominated the enduro market with PDS long before the step back to linkages.

The preload was set too hard leading to a slightly stiffer feel than was ideal, but there again the owner was heavier so that was to be expected and is an easy fix to get right. Still no clue — pay for a suspension specialist with a good reputation.

As for how the rest of the bike performs out on the trail, there is little to report, which is exactly what you want to hear. The plastics are nicely sculpted around the rider to allow movement up and down the tall flat seat with ease, and the dimensions and relationship between footpegs, seat and hadlebars is well considered making for seamless transition between seated and standing.

This is the first year that Husky have swapped over from Brembo calipers to Magura, and doubtless there are purists that will be up in arms about the change. So after a thorough testing of the Husqvarna TEi were absolutely blown away with just how good this bike feels to ride.

The fact that the owner of this bike had made the transition back to two stokes because of this bike should be a pretty good indicator. The TEi takes all the convenience and fuss-free running of a modern four-stoke and adds a fantastically powerful yet controllable two stroke motor.

The nay sayers will be quick to refer to the teething issues with the early fuel injected KTMs, and in fairness the change did seem to have been hurried from competition testing to production models in a relatively short time. But those same people probably also bemoaned the demise of carburetors on fourstrokes.

If you want to buy the best and most innovative enduro bike on the market right now, the Husqvarna TEi is that bike. It is exceptionally good to ride and we loved it. You could be quite happy with your existing bike and then somebody lets you borrow the Husky. The effect is not dissimilar to discovering that your wife has a younger and far hotter younger sister ….

Enduro never really fully embraced the four-stroke tide as motocross has, but this may be due to the Japanese disinterest in the sport which has allowed the European manufacturers to flourish on both four strokes and two strokes.

Beta are certainly in the ascendancy at present. You can have the flashy, modern, hi tech bikes, no offense intended.